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What is Rob Hamilton's "Anything Goes" School of Metaphysics?

Does God exist?  What is consciousness?  How can we know what is real?  Rob Hamilton’s “Anything Goes” School of Metaphysics provides an approach to understanding how we experience the world around us that gives us the platform we need to answer these questions and many more. 

For a more in depth look at Anything Goes methodology and its implications, the Amazon #1 Best Seller, Anything Goes: A Philosophical Approach to Answering the God Question is now available in paperback and ebook formats!  


"Liberating" Dr Martin Cohen, author of 101 Philosophy Problems

The Map is the Territory


How can we know whether or not God exists?   Could a machine ever be conscious?  What can we know to be real? 


Pythagoras once said ‘All the world is numbers’, but perhaps it would be more accurate to say ‘All the world is models’.  Modern neuroscience views our experience of the world in terms of the model created by our brains.  Our scientific models allow us to understand its behaviour.  Robert Hamilton weaves together the latest developments in physics, neuroscience and philosophy to show that the universe can only be grasped through the lenses of such models.  In a dramatic turn, Anything Goes – A Philosophical Approach to Answering the God Question argues that this apparent limitation provides the key to unlocking the whole mystery.  From here, it is a short step to finally settling the question of whether or not God exists… 

'This is a must-read for any truth seeker out there grappling with questions about the fundamental nature of reality'

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  • The author’s writing style is simple, and he breaks down complex jargon into easy-to-grasp material. This makes it quite possible to understand his concepts and ideologies about otherwise obscure topics.

Praise for Anything Goes from Book Nerdection

  • If you enjoy reading about unsolved mysteries of the universe in a well-structured and enjoyable way, “Anything Goes” is a book you must read.

  • This is a must-read for any truth seeker out there grappling with questions about the fundamental nature of reality.

See the full review on the Book Nerdection website here 

Amazon Reviews

This book is a definite find.

How does Anything Goes thinking help us understand life's big questions?  This article on the Philosophical Investigations website explains...


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All the world is models


Many thanks to the following people who have helped make this project possible.  Firstly, thanks to Martin Cohen, Marc Banyard and Seth Hamilton for comments, criticism and debate on Anything Goes methodology.  Thanks to Ravi Punia for the video explainers and Zixiao C. and Faythe Hamilton for illustrations.  Thanks to Duncan Baylis for publishing advice.  Finally I would like to thank my wife Jenny, for putting up with my 'obsessions' as she calls them and supporting me in getting this project up and running.  

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