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Comment Rules

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The purpose of the comment section is to provoke debate that will further our understanding.  For this, we need a tolerant, respectful and welcoming environment, where people are encouraged to share their ideas and feel safe to comment without being attacked.  To cultivate this, please pay attention to the following guidelines:-

  1. Comments posted as “Unknown” will not be accepted.  

  2. Discussing the pros and cons of different points of view is part and parcel of furthering our understanding.  Abusive comments or personal attacks are not indulged.  

  3. Please submit only comments that are related to the topic of the post.

  4. Please read the existing comments in order to avoid redundancies.

  5. Please do not post links to other websites, unless these links contain relevant references. Links to news sites and journals are okay. Adding other links will likely mark your comment as spam.


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