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Does God exist? 

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To answer this question, you will firstly need to familiarise yourself with "Anything Goes" metaphysics, by following the 3-step method outlined here

And now...

Q: Does God Exist?


Mu means ‘neither yes, nor no’.  It means that the question makes no sense.  Anything Goes metaphysics shows us that there are no disembodied facts about the world.  There are only the models that each of us uses to make sense of it.  

  • If you make sense of your experiences using the model that says there is a God, who created the world and acts in it, then God exists for you.

  • Alternatively, if you make sense of the world by viewing it as evolving in line with the laws of nature and nothing more, then God does not exist for you. 

“You’d better pray to your Gods”, says the native to the captured intruder, capturing the Anything Goes spirit in the process.  It is time to bin the non-sensical question "do you believe in God" and instead ask "do you have a God?" or better "what is the nature of your God?"


A full explanation of Anything Goes metaphysics and its application to answering the God question is provided in the book Anything Goes: A Philosophical Approach to Answering the God Question, available on Amazon now.  

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